The AIBA World Boxing Championships and the AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships are biennial amateur boxing competitions organised by the International Boxing Association, which is the sport governing body. Alongside the Olympic boxing programme, it is the highest level of competition for the sport. The championships was first held in 1974 Havana, Cuba as a men's only event and the first women's championships was held over 25 years later in 2001


Russian Boxing Federation


Anatoliy Khlebnikov

AIBA World Boxing Championships

The logo of the World Championships represents the symbol of Russia – the Bear wearing gloves. The official Mascots are represented by four Bears – Umnik, Lenivets, Malysh and Trener. Since several months the Bears have promoted the tournament sports events, including SportAccord in Australia and International Boxing Day in Russia.
The 20th edition of the AIBA Men's World Championships will take place in the beautiful city of Ekaterinburg from September 8th to 21st. It's the first time in the history of Russia that such important event will be organized in the country. Competition take place in one of the largest cities in Russia. Ekaterinburg is located in the heart of the Eurasian continent, on the border of Europe and Asia and in the middle of the Ural Mountain Range.

In total, around 450 athletes from 87 countries will compete in the most important event of their boxing career in 12 days of a competitive fights. The venue for the event will be Ekaterinburg EXPO arena (capacity 5000 seats) where we will see more than 400 outstanding fights. The opening ceremony will take place in the Convention Center on September 8th in the presence of Olympic champions and World champions Oleg Saitov, Alexey Tischchenko and Egor Mekhonsev, who are the faces of the Championships.